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How To Set Up a Beam 230 Moving Head

by Celia

Beam 230 is a powerful moving head that can be used for a variety of different applications. It’s one of the most popular moving heads on the market, and it’s easy to understand why. With its compact design, Beam 230 offers high-quality features that make it perfect for mobile DJ’s and entertainers who want to use this light in their home or office. But there are many other uses for beam 230 as well. If you’re considering purchasing one and setting it up yourself instead of hiring a professional lighting company (which is perfectly fine), then read on! In this article I’ll go over everything from unboxing your new Beam 230 Moving Head to setting up your first show with it—and everything else along the way too!

Getting to know the 230 Moving Head.

The Beam 230 Moving Head is an LED lighting fixture that’s perfect for those looking to add some extra flash to their DJ set. It’s a fixture with many cool features, but what makes it stand out from the rest? Let’s take a look at just how great this moving head can be for you and your home studio!

The Beam 230 is made of metal and plastic. It weighs about 11 pounds, so it’s relatively lightweight when compared with other options in its category. The power options include: 110/220v voltage, 24v DC connection (with included cable), or 100-240v AC input via adapter. The Beam 230 has an IP rating of IP20 which means it has no protection against dust ingress and only moderate protection against water ingress.

Setting up the 230 with accessories.

There are three accessories that you can use with the Beam 230: a gobo wheel, an iris and zoom/focus. The gobo wheel allows you to project different patterns onto your stage. You can also use it to create custom shapes by using a piece of tracing paper. An iris lets you adjust the size of your beam from small to large by sliding it on or off of the light source. Zoom/focus is used for fine-tuning focus on any part of your stage or show element at any time during a performance.

Hanging the 230 safely.

  • Use a reliable mount. The Beam 230 weighs about 25 pounds and hanging it from the ceiling by itself can be dangerous for you and others. Make sure you use a stable, secure mount that’s properly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use a safety cable. Even if you’ve used an appropriate mount, it’s smart to add a safety cable between the beam head and your lighting fixture’s output port or controller box in case something goes wrong during operation (or if someone bumps into or knocks over the fixture).
  • Make sure the beam is not hanging above people or equipment. As with any moving head light fixture, keep in mind that even though they’re designed to be operated remotely via DMX control system wirelessly at distances up to 100 feet away from their associated controller units (which means they aren’t supposed to be moved manually), accidents can still happen—particularly when people are around who don’t know how these things work or who aren’t familiar with setting up theatrical lighting equipment like this particular model does best when placed directly on stage floors where no one will trip over him/herself trying desperately not only avoid getting hit but also stay out of everyone else’s way


We hope this article has helped you set up your Beam 230 Moving Head. It’s a powerful tool that can help you create amazing shows, so make sure to use it wisely! If you have any questions or comments about the Beam 230, feel free to leave them below. We’re always happy to help out fellow users who are just getting started with their own beams 🙂

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