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Comparison Between Gas Pressure Washer and Electric Pressure Washer

by Celia

The more popular pressure washers, the more the comparison between gas and electric pressure washers will increase. These two pressure washers are very effective at cleaning, but they have their benefits and disadvantages. We have described the working process, pros, and cons of both gas and electric pressure washers in this article.

How does a gas pressure washer work

Pressure washers initially were all gas pressure washers. And as the name suggests, this pressure washer relies on an engine to function. That engine relies on fuel and oils to work perfectly. The gas pressure washer is the most common type of pressure washer because it has the highest pound per square inch. The pound per square inch, or psi, as it is fondly called, is the measure of the force the device releases water for every square inch.

The gas pressure washer also operates with more water than you can expect. Because it uses gas to work, it is a blistering machine that uses water at a lot of speed. Hence, before you turn on the gas pressure washer, be sure to provide the device with a lot of water. More water and strength means that the gas pressure washer will operate at a very high force, which can cause damage to the items you cherish the most. Be careful about the type of gas pressure washer you purchase because even the lowest setting may be too high.

Advantages of gas pressure washer

The advantages of gas pressure washers are significant to the professionals who use pressure washers commercially. Some of the benefits include;

  • The high pounds per square inch and gallons per minute will wash more thoroughly.
  • It will save you time while delivering an effective wash.
  • It usually lasts longer than other pressure washer types.
  • It is safe to use

Disadvantages of gas pressure washer

The features that cause the advantage of the gas pressure washers are the same that cause the disadvantages. Some of them are;

  • It will spoil fragile materials
  • It has a higher price.

How does an electric pressure washer work?

An electric pressure washer relies on electricity to work. Already, of its purpose, which uses mainly water, it is unsafe to combine electricity with it. But depending on the expertise of the manufacturers, you can worry less about sustaining any electrical injuries. The electric pressure washers are usually cheaper, and for personal use, these devices offer a better option. The pounds per square inch and the gallons per minute are moderate, although not up to the level of the gas pressure washers. However, these devices have enough to clean most stuff around the home.

Advantages of an electric pressure washer

The features of the electric pressure washer are its causes for its advantages. These include;

  • It has a more gentle force on your items, so more minor damage
  • You can afford it easily
  • It also lasts long.

Disadvantages of an electric pressure washer

  • It can cause electrocution
  • It can not work without electricity.


The comparison between gas and electric pressure washers can never come to an end. Every pro knows that the gas pressure washers offer you a better force to clean the items. But this force can be a disadvantage. We have compared the gas and electric pressure washers in this guide to choose one from.

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